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GSRPG Frequently Asked Questions

What is GSRPG?
GSRPG is my iteration of the Idle RPG game. The game originated on Slashnet, and I must thank it's creator jotun for his awesome idea. Without him, GSRPG would not be possible. At any rate, you play GSRPG simply by idling in an IRC channel. The longer you idle, the farther you progress into the game. You accumulate items, battle other players, and can be helped and/or hurt by a variety of random events. You are penalized for doing things like talking in the channel, changing your nickname, or leaving IRC. The point is to remain in the channel and do absolutely nothing for as long as possible, hence the name the Idle RPG.

How do I get started?
You must be in and stay in #IRPG (on GameSurge) at all times if you wish to play GSRPG. Assuming you have an IRC client and have joined the channel, you must type: /msg IRPG REGISTER <username> <password> <email@address> <class name> . Username and password can be any combination of up to 20 alphanumeric characters. Both are case-sensitive. Your email address is something we have included with GSRPG that will allow us to send out announcements, as well as retrieve passwords and other such things via email. Your class name should be a short description of your character. It can be anything you like.
Example: /msg IRPG REGISTER Jake mypass Drunken College Student

OK, I registered, now what?
Now you start idling :P The point of the game is to stay in the channel as long as possible without incurring any penalties. Current penalties include talking in the channel, changing your nickname, leaving #IRPG, or quitting IRC all together. These penalties add time to your clock in varying degrees; for a complete list, check out the game documentation.

How do I check my progress?
This can be done in one of two ways. First, you may type /msg IRPG WHOAMI, and you will see a your username, level, class, and current time to level, as well as your itemsum and your membership to a team, if any. However, the better method is visit this website and look up your information here. This site contains a complete listing of pretty much everything that has ever happened to your player, and as such, it is a better resource for monitoring your progress through the Idle RPG.

Is there ever a winner/does it ever end?
Nope. The game is neverending; we just keep going and going and our levels get higher and higher.

How do I create a team?
Team creation is limited to admins only for the time being, simply because there is enormous potential for abuse. The best way to have your team created is to PM HeisSpiter on IRC. This page is checked by our admins periodically for new applications.